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Hello First Responder World

Honored to meet you

By Jaime Brower - March 22, 2018

Hello First Responder World!

Many of you I already have the pleasure of knowing, and many of you I will get to know in the future through training, family nights or private consulting.  I want to take the space of my first blog post to thank you for your service and thank you for trusting us. 

While your calling is to serve others, our calling is to serve you.  My position is unique in the way that I get to see your work and sometimes your life through your eyes but listen objectively.   And believe me, my colleagues and I do not take this lightly.   Instead we hold this position conscientiously and faithfully out of the greatest respect for you.  Because we are dedicated to your support and well-being professionally and personally, we want to and will be here to help you reach your highest potential through training, during times of angst or trouble, be an objective listener and guide to you and your families both professionally and personally and provide the support that you need to grow when you need it.  All First Responders deserve their own First Responder, and we are honored to accept that position when you need us.

Stay safe and know we’ve got your back! -jb