Our Mission & Difference

Our Mission

Brower Psychological Services was developed to address the unique demands of working with First Responders and those in Police and Public Safety, as well as their families.  Dr. Brower has worked in the field for over 20 years and has dedicated her career to providing quality service to those, both sworn and non-sworn, who have spent their careers saving lives and protecting our communities. 

Our Difference

Brower Psychological Services provides comprehensive psychological services, including:
  • counseling services (individuals of all ages, couples, family, groups),
  • training (CIT, peer support, in-service, POST required, etc.),
  • conferences (key note lectures, specialty topics),
  • peer support team oversight,
  • emergency services,
  • organizational consultation, and
  • specialty services for families and retirees.

Brower Psychological Services pays special attention to customer service and confidentiality.  We offer immediate, on-line scheduling, TeleTherapy for those who can't or don't want to come to the office, direct access to our office manager to answer questions and/or assist with scheduling, a consolidated, HIPAA approved, document management system to ensure the highest levels of confidentiality (while allowing for quick access to your files, should you need them), as well as a modern and private office space. 

Moreover, the clinicians providing services for Brower Psychological Services are responsive and knowledgeable.  They take great pride in working with their clients and families, and share Dr. Brower's passion for quality service.