Violence Risk Assessment

Brower Psychological Services offers formal risk assessments and consultation regarding threatening individuals in the workplace, school place and elsewhere.  Identifying, assessing and managing threats can prevent and/or greatly reduce the after-event impact of an act of violence. 

Facets explored in the violence risk assessment include:

  • Behavioral Assessment
  • Subject’s Motivation
  • Subject’s Intent
  • Desensitization – Skill Enhancement Behaviors
  • History of Violent or Harassing Behavior
  • History of Substance Abuse
  • Mental Health or Illness – Particularly Psychotic Symptoms
  • Capacity to Execute Plan – Skill Set
  • Acquisition, Access and Knowledge of Violent Means
  • History of Behavior and Response Patterns – Pre-and Post-Intervention
  • History of Threat Making and/or Concerning Interpersonal Interactions
  • Credibility of Subject and Collateral Data

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